Capture the Nail

Welcome to Capture the Nail!! I'll be posting some nail ideas that are either my own or from other nail fanatics, so get ready to capture the nail!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

From Prettyfulz

Okay, the nail blogger Prettyfulz, is this amazing girl, who has a lot of really cool nail polish. Here is her snowflake design. LOVE IT!

The Hunger Games Nail Line =)))))))

I'm REALLY excited to let you guys know that China Glaze is coming out with a polish line for The Hunger Games! If you haven't read the series yet, it is a MUST READ! I mean its honest to goodness good reading. My summary: "The Hunger Games, fresh, new series that everybody will enjoy reading. When you read it, its like your brain just de-toxified itself, of any bad reading you have done in your life. Suzanne Collins is a genius!" But thats, just me. So anyway here is the colors. Can you tell which ones are from which districts?

Splatter Art!

Okay! I said that I would be posting new ideas each week, and I havent been keeping true to that. And, I'm sorry =( I will do 2 today to keep up with it, but I'll admit that they are from other blogs, because I haven't really gotten the chance to do my own. TOMORROW though I will post my most recent mani. It looks like somebody dripped paint on my nails, and it really cool, SO I will post that tomorrow, and do the 2 from others tonight, just to sum things up. So get ready to capture the nail.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Sorry I'm really late on nail ideas, I've been really busy with my part in my schools play. BUT since I'm on break expect some more. Also one of the best Christmas presents I got, was Konad stamping. IT. IS. AMAZING. I really can't wait! Also they say that only the Konad special polishes work, but thats a lie.. Regular polishes work just fine. I will also be doing 3 swatches on the colors I got. In fact they are color changing in the sun! Also keep in tune for a contest! You may be in for something really cool!