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Welcome to Capture the Nail!! I'll be posting some nail ideas that are either my own or from other nail fanatics, so get ready to capture the nail!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Put a hat on it!

This is the best winter design I have created! I used my winter hat to inspire it. It made me feel like it should snow soon! (which it will!)

Start out by painting your nails a gray color. I used Sally Hansen's Wet Cement. 

Same step as before just a different picture =)

Next with a white small tip paint a wintery design. This one is similar to the stripes on my hat or could also resemble snow on the ground.

Then after that place different gems on each nail. I also used pearls to give a more wintery look.

My thumbs my favorite =)


You can also add a shimmter coat atop this to give it a frozen ice look. I used pitetes jewl.
I hope that your guys enjoyed my lastest nail design. So continue capturing the nail!

Candy Apple Swatch

The pictures do no justice for this color! Its actually more of a pink, but I couldn't really find a good lighting. The red color is from Sally Hansen's Hard as Nail collection. Its called tough love. Its a color that can either be a hot pink or a flashy red. In this light its got an orange tint. On top I added a top coat of Revlon's strawberry sizzle which is my favorite shimmer top coat. I don't know if they sell it anymore but it will any pink look like its on fire =). I also added a regular top coat to protect it and make it last longer. Here are the pics:

I'm getting excited!!!

My next post is going to have some really cool paint ideas! I have one swatch and also 1 idea thats going to get us rolling into winter! So the first one is going to be the candy apple swatch and the second one will be the winter idea. So get ready to capture the nail!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gives you wings revaped with instructions!

Start out by painting your nails a solid orange color. You may have to use two coats. My color choice for this is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in the color Sunkissed.

Next paint a black diagonal bar across the top of your nail. I used Art Club's Black. Mine has a small brush on it so its easier to make:

Diagonal lines coming down from the black bar on top. 

Finally you can add white dots on the top of the black bar. I used Rimmels French Tip in white. It also like the black above has a small tip. 

The Finished Product:

I'm really excited about this nail art! Its beautiful just like the monarch itself. Also like I said in my last...oh 3 posts keep in mind for a Contest/give away. AND get ready for winter, because I have a really cool nail design I came up with. I must say its a real, 'hat tipper'. So for next time, CAPTURE THE NAIL!


I have fixed my issue with the camera uploading photos!!! SO! I will give more detailed(WITH PICTURES!!) instructions on the butterfly wings. And hopefully I will also be able to put up a new design soon!!! Its very wintery so my next post will be with the pictures. ALSO keep in mind that I am going to be doing a GiVeAwAy!!! Yes, I can't tell you details yet, because there's more too come so stay tuned!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I lied...

Yes, I did say that I would be posting a new nail design each week, and I have done some, I just haven't taken a picture of them! But keep your eye out for a CONTEST WITH PRIZES!!!!! Keeping caturing the nail!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wait a Mintue....

O-kay well to start out my computer is not being nice and it not letting me upload pictures which is pry what you really wanted to see! But instead I decided to write the instructions here and then also attach the video from cutepolish's youtube account so:

Step One: Paint you nails a base or a top coat to prevent your nail from yellowing.
Step Two: Paint 2 coats of the orange color.
Step Three: Paint a black strip at an angle down the top of your nail.
Step Four: Draw black curving lines down from the black bar at the top,
Step Five: Make crecent circles in between the lines coming down from the black bar at the top.
Step Six: Add as many as you want dots of white at the black bar/tip of your nail
Step Seven: Add top coat to protect and to shine =D

Well I'm glad that you like this nail design and look for next weeks nail post!


Give you wings =)

Yes, Finally, I will now post my very first NAIL IDEA! The ideas is taken (yes, I 'caputred ' the design!) from cutepolish's youtube channel, She has so many great ideas, THANS CUTEPOLISH! Anyway, its really simple and the design is Monarch  butterfly wings! Your going to need the folowing things:

Top Coat and/or base coat (I used top coat) Mine is Sally Hansen Super Shine
Opaque orange (Not a shimmery shade but solid orange) Mine is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-treme wear in Sun Kissed
Black with a nail art brush built in Mine is Art Club
White with either a small brush or a normal brush it doesn't matter. I used Rimmer French with tip pro.

I will have different post to show the different steps, so its eaiser to see/find. All the posts with this ideas will be under the label BUTTERFLY yes I used caps and red and underlined so you know where I posted/put it. Well lets get ready to capture the nail!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Its almost here!

Considering I just started my blog yesterday, I will be posting my VERY FIRST NAIL DESIGN really soon. Either tomorrow or the next day! Can you guess what theme it is? *Hint* Its got wings =D Also don't forget to tell your friends and family about Capture the Nail! I won't post new looks if I don't get new subscribers!! (Thanks Christy F.) So get ready to capture the nail!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to Capture the Nail!!!

HI! Welcome to Capture the Nail! Every week I will try to post one new nail design that I have tried. (Most will be easy) And will pry come on either on a Saturday or a Sunday, so watch for those. Some of the ideas you will find on this page, are from other pages, because I liked them so much! But I will always give credit when the ideas aren't mine. But please tell your friends and family and whoever to subscibe to my blog! I think you'll enjoy it. Well, get ready to Capture the Nail!

P.S: "Get ready to Capture the Nail", is my slogan and FEED THE FISH!