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Monday, November 28, 2011

Put a hat on it!

This is the best winter design I have created! I used my winter hat to inspire it. It made me feel like it should snow soon! (which it will!)

Start out by painting your nails a gray color. I used Sally Hansen's Wet Cement. 

Same step as before just a different picture =)

Next with a white small tip paint a wintery design. This one is similar to the stripes on my hat or could also resemble snow on the ground.

Then after that place different gems on each nail. I also used pearls to give a more wintery look.

My thumbs my favorite =)


You can also add a shimmter coat atop this to give it a frozen ice look. I used pitetes jewl.
I hope that your guys enjoyed my lastest nail design. So continue capturing the nail!

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