Capture the Nail

Welcome to Capture the Nail!! I'll be posting some nail ideas that are either my own or from other nail fanatics, so get ready to capture the nail!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to Capture the Nail!!!

HI! Welcome to Capture the Nail! Every week I will try to post one new nail design that I have tried. (Most will be easy) And will pry come on either on a Saturday or a Sunday, so watch for those. Some of the ideas you will find on this page, are from other pages, because I liked them so much! But I will always give credit when the ideas aren't mine. But please tell your friends and family and whoever to subscibe to my blog! I think you'll enjoy it. Well, get ready to Capture the Nail!

P.S: "Get ready to Capture the Nail", is my slogan and FEED THE FISH!

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