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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Give you wings =)

Yes, Finally, I will now post my very first NAIL IDEA! The ideas is taken (yes, I 'caputred ' the design!) from cutepolish's youtube channel, She has so many great ideas, THANS CUTEPOLISH! Anyway, its really simple and the design is Monarch  butterfly wings! Your going to need the folowing things:

Top Coat and/or base coat (I used top coat) Mine is Sally Hansen Super Shine
Opaque orange (Not a shimmery shade but solid orange) Mine is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails X-treme wear in Sun Kissed
Black with a nail art brush built in Mine is Art Club
White with either a small brush or a normal brush it doesn't matter. I used Rimmer French with tip pro.

I will have different post to show the different steps, so its eaiser to see/find. All the posts with this ideas will be under the label BUTTERFLY yes I used caps and red and underlined so you know where I posted/put it. Well lets get ready to capture the nail!

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