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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gives you wings revaped with instructions!

Start out by painting your nails a solid orange color. You may have to use two coats. My color choice for this is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in the color Sunkissed.

Next paint a black diagonal bar across the top of your nail. I used Art Club's Black. Mine has a small brush on it so its easier to make:

Diagonal lines coming down from the black bar on top. 

Finally you can add white dots on the top of the black bar. I used Rimmels French Tip in white. It also like the black above has a small tip. 

The Finished Product:

I'm really excited about this nail art! Its beautiful just like the monarch itself. Also like I said in my last...oh 3 posts keep in mind for a Contest/give away. AND get ready for winter, because I have a really cool nail design I came up with. I must say its a real, 'hat tipper'. So for next time, CAPTURE THE NAIL!

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