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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wait a Mintue....

O-kay well to start out my computer is not being nice and it not letting me upload pictures which is pry what you really wanted to see! But instead I decided to write the instructions here and then also attach the video from cutepolish's youtube account so:

Step One: Paint you nails a base or a top coat to prevent your nail from yellowing.
Step Two: Paint 2 coats of the orange color.
Step Three: Paint a black strip at an angle down the top of your nail.
Step Four: Draw black curving lines down from the black bar at the top,
Step Five: Make crecent circles in between the lines coming down from the black bar at the top.
Step Six: Add as many as you want dots of white at the black bar/tip of your nail
Step Seven: Add top coat to protect and to shine =D

Well I'm glad that you like this nail design and look for next weeks nail post!


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